Are you going through it with women? 

Tired of the mind games? 

Sick of the drama and disappointment that comes with dating?

Is every woman you meet a complete wreck? 

I have some news for you brother. I’d like to help you make some changes here.  

I want you to clear your mind of EVERYTHING you think you know about women. 

Here’s the newsflash. 

Women are NOT evil sluts here to destroy men or take advantage of you. 

Women are also NOT angels sent from Heaven to save you. 

Women are a MIRROR. They reflect YOU, your level of manhood, of how TRUE a man you are at this stage in your life. 

If you are having continual “bad luck” with women or have a pattern of meeting the WRONG types or just can’t connect on a real level with women, it’s likely NOT them, but something inward that needs your attention.

Sure, there ARE women out there who are simply just ‘bitches’. And then there are those women whose personalities may just be a complete clash with yours. There’s nothing unusual about this. BUT let’s say 10 out of 10 dates with women lead you to clashing with ALL of them? Then yes, this is an absolute indicator of the TYPE of women you’re attracting into your life. It’s basically TELLING you that you have some real work to do. 


As men, we get tons of mixed messages and contradictory “facts” about women and what they really want in a man, etc. This is a painstaking part of damn near every man’s coming of age and for some, can continue on throughout adulthood. At the least, it can be looked at as sort of a rite of passage if you will. And the most mind boggling part of it is, we get most of these messages FROM women! For instance, women will tell you they want a ‘nice guy’. But as soon as they get one, they end up dropping him for the bad boy who doesn’t treat them well at all. She may even confide in you and bare all of her problems with the bad boy that she’s tied up with. You tell her, he doesn’t deserve you. I can treat you SO MUCH better than him. But this is where she stops, thinks for a moment, and basically alludes to “well for that THAT (meaning sex), I still need a REAL man. You’re too nice.” What?! What kind of mind fuck is this???

There is also the myth that women don’t actually LIKE sex.
Or that they’ll only give you some if you play ridiculous pickup tricks or happen to convince her with the right type of mind games and trickery to DECEIVE her into letting you IN. There’s also this fear that a lot of men share that if a woman actually ‘found out’ what you REALLY want from her (sex), she would run away, or see you as a creep. When in REALITY, women want sex JUST as much as any man. What’s REALLY creepy for her though, is if you try to downplay it and HOLD BACK your sexual desire, which many guys do – especially early on in the first few dates. 

MEN, let me be clear – doing this is a BIG miscommunication and can easily land you in the friend zone, or worse… in the ‘creep’ zone. 

Now, had you shown your REAL and natural interest in her, she would have most likely been completely okay with it and would typically reciprocate the interest. I mean, she’s on a date with you, right? The fact that you’ve gotten her to go out with you is already a WIN. That’s her, at the very least, saying she is OPEN to see what you’re about. If you two share a chemistry, an attraction, a real interest to build on. But if you beat around the bush or tip-toe around your attraction, she may actually feel foolish or insecure about being there with you. Thinking why’d she bother taking the time if you’re not even attracted to her like that? 

The truth is, women aren’t stupid. She knows you don’t want to JUST go to a movie or get a bite to eat. She knows your MAIN objective is to see if you can have sex with her. And while you’re worrying about it or sidestepping the elephant in the room, she’s actually sizing you up as well. If she likes you at all, she’s already made up about 90% of her mind on whether she’s going to sleep with you or not. And most of the time, it’s up to you to keep it simple, just show some attraction, show some personality, and let it HAPPEN. As long as you don’t do anything that’s a complete turn off, she’s most likely just as ready and willing as you are. Remember, sex is a natural thing for women just like it is for men.

You see, a lot of these male “issues” with women are more mental fantasies in men than anything concrete. Women can be just as relaxed and cool as any man. BUT if you’re a nervous wreck inside, just hoping that you say the right thing and make the right moves, there is NO WAY you’ll be able to hide this. Even if you’re not outright showing it, your energy will. Women are emotionally intelligent and intuitive. They READ men. So even if you’re saying all the right pickup lines and being clever, she can see right through you if you’re faking it. If it’s coming from an insecure place, it’s not going to work out for you.

You have to be REAL. Women are drawn to authenticity. And for this, there is no faking it. This realness is often what attracts women to the bad boy, because he doesn’t care if the woman is impressed or not. This is attractive to her. Meanwhile, the nice guy is sucking up and constantly looking to her for approval or validation which is a HUGE turn off. 

So HOW do you start making a change and eliminating this pattern of “bad luck” with women? 


Here’s the thing brother, it ALL comes down to YOU. 

What you truly THINK about yourself. 

How you truly FEEL about yourself. 

If you don’t BELIEVE you’re a quality man, how could you expect to attract a quality woman?

Women strongly REACT to a quality man. One who has integrated his masculine POWER. One who knows what he wants in life and if he doesn’t know already, is working his way towards HOW to get it. When you tune in to your POWER, the games stop. This repels low quality women, and low quality people in general. It’s like an invisible force field that keeps drama and petty games out of your domain. As a man who knows who he is, what he wants, and what his standards and boundaries are, you’ll see a transformation of YOURSELF along with the women you allow into your life. In summary, the more “together” you are as a man, the better quality of woman you will attract and connect with.

So what’s the alternative? 

Well, if you don’t start addressing these things now and start working toward your better self, you’ll continue to attract the same patterns of the same types of women, and the same horrible experiences. In fact, it can only WORSEN. As the older you get, the more broken and bitter the women become if you don’t start to ADVANCE. And this means you need to start NOW. 

If you’re feeling unsure or challenged about any of this, contact me today at  and type WOMEN in the subject line.

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