Have you ever felt that surge of frustration when a woman challenges you? Like she’s questioning your manhood?

You know those moments when she questions your decisions, like she’s putting you to the TEST? It can really get under your skin.

I get it, brother. When she drops lines like, “That guy over there was trying to flirt with me,” or “You’re going out wearing THAT?” it can feel like a direct hit to your pride. It’s enough to make your blood boil and get you all worked up. 

But here’s the thing, being tested by a woman is more common than you might think. 

It’s not about her trying to belittle you or undermine your masculinity. It’s actually her way of gauging your STRENGTH and confidence.

Sure, it can be stressful when she confronts you with those challenging questions, but it’s important to remember that she’s looking for REASSURANCE. She wants to see if you can handle these situations with grace and composure. Can you make her FEEL like she’ll be taken care of, or are you weak? Do you fold at the sure sign of stress?

Instead of letting it piss you off, let’s explore how we can navigate these moments with confidence and poise. After all, as men, we have the power to rise ABOVE these tests and show our true character.

Stay tuned as we dive deeper into understanding why these tests occur and uncover REAL and practical strategies to handle them like the strong, capable men we are. It’s time to embrace these challenges and PROVE that we’re more than capable of handling any curveball she throws our way. 

When she throws tests at you, questioning your choices or challenging your reactions, it can be tough to keep your cool. But here’s the thing brother, a woman WANTS to see what you’re made of. 

In the early stages of dating or a relationship, these tests are inevitable.

It’s all about how you handle adversity. Even a simple “no” can be a test, a way for her to gauge your reaction. Will you lose your balance or remain cool, calm, and confident? Because here’s the secret: that “no” can turn into an enthusiastic “yes” later on, all depending on how you react. And sure, anyone can LOOK like “the man” when everything is smooth sailing. But can you handle it when things get TOUGH? She’s watching, you know. If you can’t stand up to HER, how can she trust you to protect her or potential kids when life throws dangerous things your way?

And what about when another guy comes along, trying to challenge your place? If you crumble under her simple contradictions, she’ll doubt your ability to hold your ground against a REAL opponent.

Think of it like a lion tamer dealing with the big cats. A good lion tamer can handle them when they test him, bringing things back under control. But being great, being a real MAN, means reaching a level of development and maturity where you’re not tested anymore. She’ll see that you’re made of SOLID gold, not just a cheap imitation.

Now, here’s why this matters. It’s not just about relationships; it’s also about that “getting to know her” phase. When she throws those bullshit tests your way, you find yourself reacting, trying to figure out HOW to pass. But that’s not where you want to be. You don’t want to follow her lead, dancing to her tune like in those old western movies.

These tests don’t necessarily mean she cares or loves you either. They’re her way of figuring out if you’re who you ARE and if it lines up with who you CLAIM to be. Are you really as cool, confident, and strong as you appear? Or is it all just a fragile house of cards waiting to crumble?

Here’s the TRUTH: you can’t always pass her tests. You can’t constantly plan out detailed reactions to each one. It’s exhausting, and it’s like living in a facade that’s bound to collapse. And women have seen it all before. Countless guys claiming to be the real deal, only to be revealed as wannabe’s and douchebags. It’s no wonder they treat every guy with SUSPICION.

So brother, it’s time to claim your authentic male power. Build a strong foundation within yourself. Then, and only then, when she tests you, you’ll pass automatically because you ARE a real man. That’s the goal: to become the real deal she’s been searching for.

When she tests you, she’s seeking to determine if you’re worth opening up to, in EVERY sense of the word. Are you the real deal, or just another imposter? So, stop trying to tactically deal with her tests and focus on BECOMING the real man you’re meant to be. Once she sees the difference, she’ll know: you’re the REAL deal.

To learn more about HOW to move forward and tap into your authentic male power, contact me at and type the phrase PASS THE TEST in the subject line and I’ll reach out to you personally.

Be well brother,

Orlando Owen


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