There’s a big misconception us men get throughout our lives. In particular when coming of age and into young adulthood, but it can even span beyond these years. Whether it’s through movies, TV shows, romanticized stories and books, love songs or other sources. We get the continual message that, as men, women want us to treat them as our main priority. As our beloved treasure, above all other things in our lives.

I’m here to tell you brother, this is 100% FALSE.

And in practice, it’s a serious problem for many reasons. 

Even if you are in love and your woman and you are completely serious about each other, putting her above YOUR priorities and life goals is a HUGE fail that will come back to bite and will likely put an END to your relationship.   

But why? Women want to be valued and praised, don’t they? 

Sure, we all do. BUT. This doesn’t mean putting her above YOUR reason for being here on this earth. We all have a purpose in life and no relationship or partner should ever override this. Putting a woman above your life’s purpose is not only devaluing YOUR life. It’s also a HUGE turnoff to any woman, especially a quality woman who respects and values herself. If your main source of “fulfillment” and joy is dependent solely on HER, by nature, she will lose respect for you and will lose attraction to you fairly quickly. To her, this is childish behavior and makes you appear to be needy, less than a man, someone who doesn’t have ANYTHING to offer her.

The FACT is, women are attracted to men who have a clear purpose, a mission. 

They admire HEROES. A man with a vision. In order to attract a quality woman and build a real connection, you as a man have to be driven by a cause bigger than just you, her, or your relationship. Remember, she wants to be the main WOMAN in your life, not your MAIN PRIORITY in life. 

So, what do I do to shift my focus?

Well, it’s a lot easier said than done and it can take some work. But, you need not to look at this as a chore to do or a specific task that you need to check off of your list. It’s a bit deeper than that. But it’s something that each of us men have to do if we’re going to live a balanced, grounded and fulfilled life.

It begins with a mental shift of focus inward. The idea is to explore what YOU are about. Asking yourself questions like: what do I want? What moves ME deeply? 

This is what you need to really understand and pursue, more than you pursue any woman. When doing this, you’ll naturally start building yourself up from the inside, from a place of authenticity. This is the inner truth that you were born with, you can say it’s God given. This is where self respect, self value and true self confidence are grown – core elements that attract quality women, and quality experiences throughout life. This is the ultimate goal. But as I said, this is long term and can take time to build. 

Let’s start right here and NOW with some more basic but very valuable questions.

Ask yourself, “Am I happy right now?”  

“Do I REALLY know where I’m going in life?

“Is what I’m doing right now TRULY fulfilling me?”

“Do I know where to LEAD this relationship?”

Or, if you’re alone, “Do I have something that rewards me so much, that even if I NEVER get with another woman, I can still find fulfillment?”

Women come NATURALLY, once you can answer these questions honestly and wholeheartedly. 

This isn’t by any means an overnight process but if you’d like some help with this, we can get you there QUICKER! Just message us at with the word FOCUS in the subject line, and we’ll map out a way to help you on YOUR journey.

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