As men, one of our BIGGEST fears is that the woman you’re with cheats on you.

If it does happen, it can be one of the most humiliating, traumatizing, and painfully emasculating experiences of a man’s life.

In this article, we’ll dig into this full fledge and discuss the signs to look out for, the REAL reasons women cheat, and how to PROTECT yourself from getting cheated on. Let’s get started.


Many men live very busy lives. Most of us are bogged down each day throughout the week with full time jobs or careers that can eat up just about EVERY energized moment of our day. By the time we get home and are ready to relax or hang out with our woman, our energy is spent. This can mean that our attention level toward our girlfriend or woman we’re dating may be limited, to very little. Being that women, at least most of them, require a large amount of attention on a regular basis, this lack on your end can pose a threat to your relationship and lead her to cheat. A few SIGNS to look out for are as follows:

  • She suddenly loses sexual interest in you and stops, or drastically lessens, having sex with you. 
  • She becomes more and more emotionally absent, or just absent altogether.
  • She tells you something like: “We should have more time for ourselves… some space to do other things, explore.” etc.
  • She becomes distant and starts spending a lot more time away from you.
  • She used to be really ‘into’ you. Whenever she saw you, she used to light up with a smile or excitement, but now it’s barely any acknowledgment that you’re even in the same room. 
  • Your intimate and sexual advances toward keep getting shot down.
  • She stops giving you her full attention when she’s with you, while talking, eating dinner, hanging out.
  • She becomes frequently dismissive toward you.

BEFORE a woman cheats on a man, there are LOTS of inner scenarios and switches in her that have to turn. Inside, she’s been analyzing the relationship, and you, and her feelings, what it might be like without you, etc. All the while you’re going about your day-to-day life without a clue of how she’s feeling internally. This process does NOT happen overnight. And if you happen to pay attention, the signs are CLEARLY visible. Unfortunately, most men are completely OBLIVIOUS to any of these signs. We’ve known men who have been married for DECADES while their wives were cheating, and they somehow managed to stay blind towards it. 


UNDERSTAND: a woman can ONLY feel the attraction towards a masculine MAN. This is the golden rule and the law of natural magnetism. 

As a man, if you allow yourself to LOSE your authentic masculine power – that thing that made her fall in love with you in the first place, or if you allow this to become buried in stress, mediocrity, time or just too much comfort and contentment… this may just cause her to LOSE the attraction. Maybe because you STOPPED being the man she fell in love with.

It’s at this point, she may not be able to HELP but lose the feelings of love and passion for you.

She may still ‘like’ you, and even love you, but that RAW and powerful desire to BE with you, that may just be GONE. From there, it’s only a matter of time until ANOTHER man comes along, who rekindles that fire in her, that burning passion that she innately cannot resist.

The unfortunate fact is, some women will cheat, no matter what you do or how great you are to them. They may not feel as deeply connected to you as you are to them. Or they may have some deeper issues that have nothing to do with you and it’s part of their emotional journey to deal with. You can’t beat yourself up over this. BUT, this doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t do your part to BE the best version of yourself you can be as a MAN.


In the big picture, your ONLY line of defense against cheating is to make sure you are CONNECTED to your authentic Masculine Power.

As an analogy, let’s look at the masculine and feminine like two poles of a magnet. 

One side is negative (feminine), the other positive (masculine). If the magnet is STRONG – meaning if your masculinity is strong, then this relationship will hold together and STAY CONNECTED – like a strong magnet. And absolutely NOTHING can come between you.

But, if you somehow LOSE your masculine power, then there is NOTHING you can do. You’ve pushed her away.

It’s only a matter of time until she either gives up and leaves or someone else comes to save her from that weakened state she’s in and fills the void. Either way, she’ll move on and feel it with someone else. And women, being emotionally driven creatures by nature, will be practically unable to NOT follow this feeling of reignited passion.

Your given role as a man is to LEAD. Lead the life you envision for yourself, as well as anyone you choose to share it with. If a woman feels her man is not leading or worse, is INCAPABLE of leading, it’s hard for her to respect him and accept that this is her MAN. 

If women represent beauty, men represent STRENGTH. And this is that strength that a man needs to carry throughout his adult life. As noted above, you may be busy and exhausted from your job or career on the day-to-day, but you MUST maintain another level of strength to carry yourself through. And to carry ANY type of relationship with a woman through. Without this strength, you’re extremely vulnerable and susceptible to opening yourself up to be hurt – through cheating or through break up. 


A few things you can do to get your mind and emotions in the right place… 

First, I suggest you take a long walk, and FEEL your way into this. Figure out WHEN did this change, and WHY? What happened? Can you identify a certain phase or series of events that may have turned your relationship around? 

This alone is KEY as you can’t do anything about it until you have discovered when it started.

And now think back to when things were still GOOD between you, when there wasn’t a shadow of a DOUBT in your mind and compare it to how it feels now.

Yes, this may be painful if you realize that you may have drifted FAR apart from how it used to be but it’s far better than letting it continue to drift and LOSING her.

Take an honest look at your actions as a couple. Are you spending real time together? Not just minutes or hours of time on the clock, but actual QUALITY time together where you’re CONNECTING?

And a BIG point to ask honestly, is there still a real INTEREST on her side, to be around you? 

These are all honest and real life questions you NEED to come to terms with. Not just to prevent yourself from getting cheated on but for assessing the relationship as a whole. Is it REALLY on its way to being completely OVER, or do you just need to communicate your concerns and start paying better ATTENTION? 

Ultimately, only YOU and HER know the answers to these questions but they need to be asked and figured out if you’re to continue on with this relationship without fear or skepticism of her cheating or leaving you. 

I hope this helps brother. If you’re struggling with this or need ANY help regarding women and relationships, message me at and type NO FEAR in the subject line.

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