Alright brother, let’s talk about this whole dynamic with women.

We’ve ALL encountered some real bitches out there, right? The arrogance, the thirst for attention, the narcissism, and the shitty attitudes can really get under your skin. Right? It’s tempting to think the solution is to just turn the tables on them and say, “Screw it, I’m DONE playing the game! I’m DONE chasing women! 

The reality is, this just feeds their narcissism by saying “Forget you all, I’ll go my own way!” 

But here’s the thing – it doesn’t SOLVE anything. You may think you’re punishing or ignoring women, but truth be told, they HARDLY even notice. In fact, you’ve removed yourself from ANY chance with women altogether.

Now, I get it. Taking a break from the “game” can be a temporary phase where you focus on yourself or other important things. But let’s face it, a man can only jerk off to porn and play video games for so long. Eventually, you’ll need to figure this thing out with women. And guess what? Even in today’s world, there are plenty of real men who have ZERO trouble finding a good woman whether it’s settling down or just sex. So, if you completely give up and turn your back on women, sure, there may be more available for us, but that’s NOT the fate we want for you!

So, what’s the best move forward? 

First off, as long as you believe ALL women are bitches deep down and that’s how you truly feel, chances are you’ll keep attracting those types. Before you can improve your relationship with women, you need to shift that mindset within yourself. 

One practice you can start right away is to shift your focus INWARD and start noting in a personal journal, the POSITIVE experiences you’ve had with women. It’s not about the women themselves, but rather acknowledging ANY time a woman was friendly, smiled at you, had a nice conversation, or showed some genuine interest. This is crucial to REWIRING your brain.

It’s also a good idea to make a list of YOUR positive qualities. What makes you interesting or even attractive to women? Maybe you’re passionate, smart, and you care about certain things that you keep inside but MAY actually attract a quality woman to you. Take the time to jot down these qualities about yourself. 

Only when you start finding YOURSELF attractive will women start to feel the same way about you. You might have seen this in women who were objectively interesting and attractive, yet they couldn’t see it themselves, making it hard for others to see it too. But once you change that perception of yourself and find REAL reasons to see yourself in a different light, a lot can change for the better.

Now, here’s the other big thing brother. How women react to you is largely a MIRROR of how you present yourself as a man. Every man who TRULY understands women knows this dichotomy: “Is she a good girl or a bad girl?” Well, guess what? She can be both! The same girl who acts like a raging bitch with a BOY will be the sweetest thing in the hands of a real MAN. Women take their cues from you, the man. Even if you found a “good girl” right now, unless you have your shit together as a man in the relationship, you WON’T know how to handle her, and she’ll likely turn into a bitch sooner or later. That’s the hard truth.

Women will treat you with as much respect as you DEMAND. In the hands of a man with solid self-esteem, confidence, a clear mission, and value to offer, she’ll realize she better NOT play games or bring any drama. Otherwise, he’ll simply walk away and find someone else, and she’ll miss out. 

So, what you want to do is filter out the real bitches. Ditch them and stop chasing after them. Work on yourself, so you can attract QUALITY women. If you find yourself only attracting low quality bitches, it may be an indicator of where you currently stand in your development as a man. Remember, you usually attract people on the same level as you.

It’s time to step up, brother. Understand the dynamics, work on yourself, and demand the respect you DESERVE. Good women are out there, waiting to be swept up by a good man. And when you become the man who commands their attention and respect, you’ll experience a whole new level of FULFILLMENT. Stay focused, keep growing, and embrace the journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

If you feel you could use some help with this, contact me today at  with the word QUALITY in the subject line, and I’ll reach out to you ASAP. 

Be well brother,

Orlando Owen


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