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Self-esteem Workshop

The ultimate 3-day live workshop for emotional healing and mental stability (German)

Insecure social behaviour, unsatisfiying relationships and a lack of happiness in life often come from deep emotional issues.

In my super intense live workshop “Selbst-Bewusst-Sein” we get to the bottom of hidden emotional issues, dissolve them on a physical level and and start to build up solid self-esteem.

Fundamentals of Authentic Male Power (FAMP)

Intense 3-day live workshop on masculinity, power and how to become a real man (German)

Do you sometimes feel like women have all the power and you have to please them to at least get a piece of the cake?

Attraction isn’t a choice and women are happy to give the whole cake to real men. The FAMP workshop will help you to become a real man in high speed.


Save Your Life Event 2021

Reclaim Your Life Event 2022

• 2-day online event in August 2021

• More than 250 participants

• Topic: dealing with the fears and issues in a tough political environment and in a changing world

• Most intense workshop ever given

• 3-day online live event in October 2022

• Based on the Save Your Life Event one year before

• Part 1: The Secret to Success (short workshop)

• Part 2: Reclaim Your Power (full workshop)

• Part 3: Reclaim Your Vision (full workshop)

Online programs


Learn the foundations of what it means to be a man.

Do you sometimes feel confused about how to act, speak and walk like a real man. Or have you been wondering how to talk to women in the right way?

To become a real man you first have to know what a real man is. In this 18-hour German speaking video course I will give you an exact overview of the 6 elements that all real men have in common.


The ultra in-depth program on masculinity.

A real man combines 6 essentiell elements from which masculinity is one of the 3 primary elements. Masculinity is also the only true magnet for attracting women.

Therefore, I have created an 18-month German speaking video course that will take you through all the steps that are necessary to develop true masculinity.

Feel Different

A proven system to build up strong self-esteem.

Self-esteem is one 3 primary elements that every real man has to implement in his life.

In this 24-month German speaking video course you will learn a unique system that empowers you to dissolve emotional issues und build up strong and healthy self-esteem. 

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