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What I do

In today’s society a mass of men have lost connection with their true power within.

As a masculinity coach, I reconnect these men with their inherent power and open them up to a life of fulfillment and purpose to help them reach their full potential.

Where I come from

After growing up in the U.S. with an American mother and a German father, I spent my youth in Germany and returned to the U.S. in 1980 at the age of 21. Over the years, I built a million dollar business with a photo studio in San Francisco. As a young man at the time, my passion for life was driven by money, beautiful women and sex.

At the beginning of the new millennium I became a member of the upcoming seduction scene around David DeAngelo, Zan Perrion, Johnny Soporno, Erik ‘Hypnotica’ Von Sydow and Steve P. (who also became my personal mentor).

In addition, I built out hours of my own coaching material on masculinity, self-esteem and finding your life’s purpose.

In 2007 I went to Germany to speak at a live convention on personal development. My message and my coaching approach hit a strong nerve across the crowd. This led me to develop a successful masculinity coaching business that has helped over 10,000 men in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the U.S. since then.

The 3 Key Elements every man must know and embody



Life’s Purpose

Masculinity: This is the main factor when it comes to embracing your inner strength, attaining true confidence, and attracting quality women and other opportunities into your life.

Self-esteem: The feeling of being appropriate to life. This determines your well-being and fulfillment as a man of significance and value.

Purpose in life: This is your internal roadmap. Without purpose, a man wanders aimlessly and lives a hard life of empty struggle. With purpose, a man has a clear direction and intention of where he’s going and what he needs to do to get there.

How i teach it

Methods and Techniques that actually work

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